Team Visit, Christmas Market

boTec team experienced a wonderful evening filled with festive spirit at the Sternschnuppenmarkt in Wiesbaden.

ERTC 2023

Following last year’s gathering in Berlin, the European Refinery Technology Conference (ERTC) was held this year in bella Italia.

Team Event 2023

Our team event on Thursday, 21st September 2023, began with a productive meeting in the morning. Following this, we caught taxis and went on a trip that smoothly mixed history, culture, workout, and delicious cuisine.

Geo Training BAYERNOIL

From the 12th to the 14th of September, we had the pleasure of welcoming the BORIS team from BAYERNOIL to our Wiesbaden office for a training session on the creation, usage and maintenance of geodata.


At this year’s LOUNGES 2023 event in Karlsruhe, we introduced our collaborative automation simulation solution with our partner gat. Embodying the theme “Automation meets IT,” our software seamlessly bridges the planning and real-world aspects, providing transparent and unified support throughout a plant’s entire life cycle.

ERTC 2022

Lara, Martin and Uwe, at ERTC 2022

Europe’s largest downstream event, organised by the World Refining Association, took place in Berlin. Our submission was accepted and we were able to network, share insights and engage with industry peers. The conference included presentations on the future of refining and our CEO spoke about sustainable refining opportunities. A rewarding experience!

Team Event 2022

Employees enthusiastically gathered for a day of fun at a Rheingau winery. With a vineyard tour, snacks, wine and barbecue, they enjoyed the opportunity to socialise and bond outside of work. A brunch on Friday rounded off the event, leaving employees refreshed and grateful for the bonding experience.

R-User Group 2022

The R-Users are a group of technology-interested people who meet regularly in order to exchange ideas and thoughts about their topics of interest. The group counts over 400 members, not all of which are actively taking part in the events. boTec has been collaborating with the initiative for years now and we often host events in our office in Wiesbaden.

Haverly MUGI 2022

Haverly: Specialising in decision support systems. Providing planning, optimisation and oil analysis software products to major oil companies worldwide and hosts conferences and webinars on industry trends. Attending the virtual Haverly MUGI in April 2022, participants explored technical insights, optimisation and more, fostering interactive exchanges and informative experiences.

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