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Sharing geoinformation expertise with the BORIS-Team

From the 12th to the 14th of September, we had the pleasure of welcoming the BORIS-Team from BAYERNOIL to our Wiesbaden office for a training session on the creation, utilisation and maintenance of geodata.

BORIS stands for BayernOil Refinery InformationSystem, which we initiated more than 25 years ago together with BAYERNOIL on the basis of our integration platform. Since then, BORIS supports BAYERNOIL in optimising its production processes across the entire value chain. Through our jointly continuous evolvement and support & maintenance, we ensure both a high value and high availability of BORIS for BAYERNOIL and its partners.

Recently we have added a new BORIS component for the creation, storage and utilisation of geospatial data and related mapping applications. In order to enable the BORIS-Team to adequately support the operating of the geo-component it was beneficial to share our expertise in geospatial information with the team in a training session.

Besides a practical introduction to the free and open source Geographic Information System QGIS, the geo-training covered also an overview about the fundamental principles of geospatial data and digital maps. The learnings from both were then additionally applied in a custom taylored workshop to meet the specific requirements in the context of BORIS and BO maps.

Our geo and map component integrates spatial data with different temporal validity. Particularly in the case of geodata that is valid for a short period of time, it is advantageous if it is integrated by people who are familiar with the local conditions and have direct access to changes. One workshop objective was therefore to enable the BORIS team to adapt such geodata independently from us, e.g. to extend or restrict the routing network in line with temporary restricted areas.

Markus Muth (BORIS-Team): “A very valuable introduction into the topic Geoinformation and how we can apply the learnings in the context of BORIS and BO maps. Especially I liked much the mixture of knowledge transfer and practical exercises that enabled us (BORIS-Team) to support our internal and external BAYERNOIL clients in their daily business more beneficial than before.

As well as sharing knowledge in the training room, we enjoyed also a dinner in a traditional winery in the beautiful Rheingau, discussing further use cases and potential next steps. The three-day session and the dinner took place in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, which contributed both to its successful completion. Many thanks to the BORIS-Team for the pleasant collaboration in partnership.

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