Refinery Energy Efficiency

Improving individual equipment, process units and refineries

Improving individual Plants’, Process Units’, and Refineries’
rising energy costs and environmental regulations are driving the industry to focus on improving energy efficiency to reduce consumption, costs and carbon footprint.

A critical step in achieving this is to first identify how energy is being used in the various engineering processes. This includes monitoring the health of equipment and units at various stages of the production process. By gaining a better understanding of the economics of equipment and operations, process engineers can identify areas for improvement.

Implementing appropriate measures can optimise specific operations and reduce energy waste or inefficient use.

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The Calculation Model

Petroleum refining, petrochemical and other manufacturing companies
  • Supports multiple engineering equations and ensures high-quality raw input data
  • Identifies potential changes and deviations from target or historical averages
  • Automates periodic and batch calculations with a comprehensive equation library that incorporates statistics and AI
  • Process performance and energy efficiency reports (standardized and ad-hoc)
  • Addresses specific monitoring needs at local and global levels
  • Identifies changes and deviations from target or historical averages
  • Calculates multiple specified KPIs, such as heat exchanger fouling, furnace pressure drop, or the Solomon Energy Intensity Index (EII)

Maximising Efficiency and Savings

The calculation model enables accurate monitoring of equipment and process health and energy consumption through systematic data collection and analysis. It identifies opportunities for improvement at the individual equipment and process unit level, as well as for the refinery as a whole. By optimising profitability and energy efficiency, significant cost and energy savings can be achieved while reducing the refinery’s carbon footprint.

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