Pure Water & Steam Systems

Planning & operation of storage and distribution systems. NEW THOUGHT.

For pharmaceutical planners, plant engineers, and plant operators

boTec’s cooperation with gat (Gesellschaft für Automatisierungstechnik mbH) is about the storage and distribution of pure water and steam for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry.

We combine the expertise of gat in automated monitoring and control of equipment and systems with the competence of boTec to model business assets and to optimise business processes comprehensively through calculations and simulations. Based on a system model that is “fed” with operational data, we realise a new and intelligent point of use management that transparently ensures optimal and safe operation.

By calculating and simulating flow rates and pressure losses in the pipeline, critical operating conditions can be identified and avoided with an automated control system in both static and dynamic environments. In this way, the entire life cycle of the storage and distribution systems is optimised, while safe and effective operation is ensured in a transparent and cost-saving manner.

Solutions for significant business optimisation


For more information on:

  • how the planning world can be linked to the real world and
  • why our joint automation simulation solution meets your needs

see Lager & Betrieb von Lager- / Verteilsystemen NEU GEDACHT

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Our collaborative automation simulation solution with gat, presented at LOUNGES 2023 in Karlsruhe, Germany, received very positive feedback.

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