Real-Time Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Decarbonisation for competitive products and climate neutrality

Why decarbonisation matters?

Growth of CO2 Prices over the Last 10 Years

In the last 10 years, carbon pricing regulations have evolved significantly, including carbon taxes and cap-and-trade systems. Knowing a product’s carbon footprint is crucial for businesses to comply with these regulations, cut costs, and remain competitive in an eco-conscious world.

CO2 prices have risen sharply over the past decade


Product carbon footprint

Global Climate Neutrality Commitments

In today’s world, climate change is the headline topic, and consumers are increasingly concerned about its impact. They recognise that products contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, making a product’s carbon footprint a crucial factor in purchasing decisions as customers seek more sustainable options. This aligns with global climate neutrality commitments, including the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and standards like ISO 14067, where governments, organisations, and industries worldwide pledge to achieve climate neutrality by reducing emissions and offsetting the rest.

Benefit of Real-Time PCF

A Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) plays a vital role in tracking emissions, fostering eco-friendly products, and aligning with global goals.

A Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) plays a vital role in tracking emissions, fostering eco-friendly products, and aligning with global goals. It quantifies greenhouse gas emissions throughout a product‘s lifecycle, helping assess its environmental impact and sustainability in CO2e terms. Nowadays, PCF is often an annual average of production data, and a real-time PCF for single products exposes a product-specific understanding of its production process. Furthermore, it unveils improvements avoiding impacts on the carbon footprint of other products, thus preventing greenwashing. Eco-friendly product sales and genuine sustainability can then be promoted with high credibility

Our Real-Time PCF Platform

  • Aggregates emission data matching the production process
  • Provides specific carbon footprint information down to a single product in the production route
  • Further analysis across product lines and processes leads to an optimised configuration and production of specific compliant products demanded by customers and the market
boTec's Real-Time PCF Platform
Connect with us for tailored Support

Connect with us for tailored Support

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