Effective January 1, 2020 boTec GmbH takes charge of all business operations formerly conducted by m:pro IT Consult GmbH. The transition ensures the continuity of all existing m:pro proposals, projects, products, and contracts, which will now be carried out and developed by boTec.

“Business Optimisation by Integration Technology”, or boTec for short, describes much better what m:pro delivered to its customers in the past. In order to increase the transparency of our value proposition, our company has been renamed boTec. Our office is located at a new address across from Wiesbaden Central Station.

botec Company

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botec technology

boTec is a software products, consulting, and project implementation company that enables petroleum refining, petrochemical and other production process industries to optimise their end-to-end business processes and results through integration concepts and technologies.

boTec’s model and time-based approach integrates heterogeneous data, information, and applications from various business systems for enterprise resource planning, accounting, production and scheduling planning, operational process data, laboratory information, document management, CAD engineering, and environmental information.

The integrated information enables various business stakehholders to optimise their respective business processes such as supply chain management, maintenance and reliability, asset management, energy efficiency and operational excellence.


Martin Schöner

Martin Schöner – Managing Director/CEO

As Founder and Managing Director/CEO of boTec, Martin is responsible for managing the company’s operations with particular emphasis on vision, business strategy and key business development initiatives in the refining, petrochemical and other manufacturing and process industries worldwide. His technical, managerial and commercial experience has been gained through the delivery of international projects with major oil companies, implementation partners and other industry-renowned software vendors.

Martin is an expert in data and information management, in heterogeneous and multi-site environments, and with various business applications in the downstream oil industry, including data reconciliation, planning, scheduling, simulation, revenue accounting and performance monitoring. He has developed, implemented and used several decision support applications and information systems in the downstream oil industry to optimise business processes and results.

Uwe Rupp

Uwe Rupp – Director Products, R&D and Marketing

Uwe leads and manages all product-related issues across the entire product portfolio. He is responsible for the overall product vision, strategy, planning and development. He leads and manages the Research and Development (R&D) team that delivers both product development and customer projects. Uwe is also responsible for marketing communications of product and project-related content and supports Martin in developing, communicating and executing the overall business strategy.

Uwe has international experience of working across multiple stakeholder groups. He applies management methods with a strong technical background to produce, market and sell enterprise software. He focuses on specifying and delivering what helps the customer to be successful. Uwe has gained experience in a variety of roles and markets, which he uses to help optimise the business.

Damir Šimić

Damir Šimić – Director Support and Assistance

Damir leads and manages all software support operations, both for boTec’s core products and for custom solutions developed with our customers. He is also responsible for customer enablement and the portfolio of IT services that add value to our customers, such as performance audits and migration to new infrastructure. Damir leads a team of support and service engineers to achieve high customer satisfaction by delivering services on time, on budget and on quality.

While proactively working with customers to implement and maintain a high-performance environment for boTec’s software and services, he assists Martin with the overall service strategy. Damir has a strong managerial and scientific background with more than 20 years of managerial, commercial and technical experience gained in major companies and research institutes worldwide. He uses his expertise in large IT projects and service management to standardise and optimise our integration platform across several international companies, significantly increasing customer adoption.

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