Haverly MUGI 2022

Haverly is a company that specialises in decision support systems. They provide software products for services such as planning, optimisation, petroleum evaluation and much more to customers including the world’s largest oil companies. The company has offices in New Jersey, Texas, California, Singapore, the UK and Lebanon.
With a focus on innovation and development, they have started to host regular conferences and webinars that attract many companies and professionals from different countries interested in learning about their technology as well as trends and developments in the industry.

In the year 2022, the Haverly MUGI took place at the end of April and we were happy to participate in the event. The virtual webinar was hosted by Haverly.

The agenda of technical and industry trends sounded promising, so we logged on at nine in the morning and spent the event listening to presentations and learning about a variety of topics in the areas of optimisation, planning, crude assay management, crude elevation and scheduling.

Each day’s sessions ended in the early afternoon and there were opportunities for virtual interaction and breakout sessions throughout the day so that everyone had the chance to ask questions, give feedback or even share personal experiences or preferences. Overall, it was a very insightful and informative event and we are grateful to have Haverly as a partner.

For more information please visit: https://www.haverly.com/about-us

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