Team Event 2022

Everyone at boTec looks forward to the annual team events, where all employees get together to hang out in a work-free environment. This year’s team event took place on 30 June 2022. During Covid we did not have the opportunity to get together in person, so we were looking forward to the event, especially as there are many employees who still work from home, so it had been a while since everyone had seen each other in person.

Plan of the day

Nobody but the organisers knew the exact plan for the day and we were told to be in the office at a quarter to two. After meeting in the office, we were driven to our destination for the day: a small winery in the Rheingau. Once there, we went for a walk in the sunny vineyards, where our guide told us about the production of wine and its heritage.

When we returned to the farm, we had the opportunity to socialise over a snack and a glass of wine, and our managing director gave a speech to update and thank us for the current status of the company. It was great to get together again and as the evening progressed there were many fun and interesting conversations.

To round off the event, we had a delicious barbeque at the winery and enjoyed the night on the terrace before being picked up and driven home. The next day was a Friday and we were able to get into work a little later than usual. We had brunch together in our office and it was a nice and relaxing start to the weekend. The team event was a lot of fun and we had a great time hanging out with colleagues outside of work.

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