Data-Driven Decisions for End-to-End Production

The challenge of optimising end-to-end production processes for efficiency and commercial results is to have the right data and information available in the right format when decisions need to be made – at any time, in any place, at any local or global business level.

boTec has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing integration platforms and business applications worldwide. Our unique model-based approach to integrating data, information and applications from heterogeneous sources ensures data and information consistency at all levels. This enables our customers to optimise their global end-to-end business processes and results.

Botec Business

Unified Interface for Production Processes in Refining and Manufacturing

Petroleum refining, petrochemical and other manufacturing companies

Companies require information from processes as input and are obliged to provide information to other processes as output. It is not quite efficient to manage such information flows only through several individual business applications and systems. It is more efficient to have a single unified interface to all the information required for the whole process.

Accessing planned, scheduled, actual, and reconciled data, along with real-time KPIs and their graphical presentation, through a single interface improves efficiency and reduces costs across multiple systems.

boTec provides an integration platform that connects multiple business applications and systems to provide a single window to the data needed to optimise business processes and results.

Optimisation for today’s and future business

While companies need consistent data for decision-making at all levels and a single interface to access all the information they need across multiple business applications to optimise their business processes, they also need the flexibility to easily change application components. In today’s IT environment, business applications and systems are not static; they change dynamically. Existing applications are often upgraded or replaced.

boTec provides a business integration platform with many out-of-the-box components. They integrate any data source and map any nomenclature and notation to create additional required information based on the integrated data. This creates a common and consistent business model with the required specialised views to all partners within the overall business process. Any information provided as part of a specific business process is transparently and persistently available to any consumer. Information providers can see all consumers of their data and ensure proper change management if required. The integration platform has the flexibility to interface with virtually any third-party business application, preserving and enhancing the data model and the data itself. In addition to rapid implementation of business functionality, the integration platform ensures low-cost of maintenance.

Optimisation for today’s and future business.

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